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3 Reasons To Have A Destination Wedding

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Are you in a dilemma about whether to have a destination wedding or not? Considering the expenses, convincing the two families and the guests, managing the travel, these are among the few mainstream problems which have put many couples in two minds about the whole idea of a destination wedding. But, believe it or not, it’s not as big a deal as we make it. Nonetheless, hosting a big fat Indian wedding in the city itself would not be as easy a task either. So, why not be a part of this new trend of having a destination wedding? Read below 3 reasons why you should have one:

  1. It’s an excuse for a holiday:

A destination wedding makes for the best excuse to take a holiday and enjoy a few days off your mundane routine. This is also the best way to tick off a destination on your bucket list. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You can fit in a wedding and take a holiday at the same time by adding just a few extra zeros to your budget. Save up a few bucks by tying the knot the smart way!


  1. You can limit your guest list:

Do you not want your masi’s sister’s son’s daughter, whom you probably met when you were 6, to make it to the guest list of your wedding which should technically be about you, your partner and a few close people to celebrate the most important event of your life? Then, a destination wedding is an excellent way to convince your parents to limit the guest list to a few close friends and relatives. Hell, even they care about money wasted for arranging travel and stay for unnecessary people right? Try this trick and save up on those unnecessary invites! Have your wedding, your way!



  1. Spend some quality time with your loved ones:

A destination wedding is like taking a trip to spend quality time with your friends. You might not have gotten a chance for a cousins reunion in a long time. So this is that chance! Those karaoke nights, people pulling each other’s leg, teen patti with drinks, good old gossip can have it all! The best way to surprise your guests is planning a fun activity for each night. You’ll cherish the memories forever.



So are you nodding already? Trust me, there are no two ways about this!

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