Guide to Buy Vintage Jewellery

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Antique jewellery is known for its rarity and vintage nature. They are acquired by shelling out a fortune or by inheriting it, and that is why we present to you a list of very important guidelines while buying vintage jewellery.  

  1. Examine Seller

The initial stages of buying vintage pieces of jewellery are very important and so it is necessary to have general information regarding the seller. Make sure you have done enough research about the seller and confirm that he is an honest seller.

  1. Ask More Questions

It is very important to ask many questions to the seller. Make sure, your questions include concerns about how the piece reached the seller, whether it was bought at an estate sale, family inheritance or in the process of a vintage or antique hunt.

  1. Take Notice of Answers

Once you ask questions to make sure the answers by the seller are practical. Also, take notice if the seller is vague about his answers. If the seller is genuine he will include general information such as certain dates and locations related to the piece.

  1. Inspect Jewellery

There are three very important aspects of checking jewellery,

  • Check the piece of jewellery from all angles. Don’t forget to check the back as it should be tarnished not just in the front. Check stamps, edges, and points. Also look for chips and cracks in the gemstones and the enamel. Tarnishes and dents are common tags when it is down to the real deal.
  • Check for marks, initials, and icons. Do all the homework required to collect information on various antique jewellers marks and explanation of its origins.
  • Weight and size are really important as they can indicate the age of the piece. For eg., vintage cuffs are smaller as the people had small wrists although ring differed in size to a great extent since the people wore it over gloves.
  1. Analyze Decision

Consider factors such as the price point. If the price is too low there might be reasons for it. Make a decision after comparing prices with various other sellers. Also note if the seller has 10 more of the same piece, usually antiques are one of a kind and so bulk orders of the same jewellery piece is impossible.

Here’s a useful tip, Using the Loupe, A small magnifying glass is highly recommended while buying vintage jewellery to identify marks while inspecting jewellery. Also, the most important aspect is that you love what you decide to buy wholeheartedly, of course using these foolproof tips provided.

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