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Guidelines When Buying Jewellery

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The government introduced the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) hallmark in 1986 to verify and guarantee the authenticity of silver and gold jewellery. India has over 13 thousand BIS recognized jewellery showrooms. However, there is still a wide range of the country where there are no hallmarking centres.

On an average, only 30% of gold jewellery is hallmarked which makes it important for you to ensure that the piece of jewellery you purchase is BIS hallmarked to confirm quality and reliability.

The BIS website has the entire list of their hallmarked jewellers and centres wherein you can also submit all your complaints and queries.

Price Points:

Always stay updated on the gold rate before your purchase.

Almost all famous jewellery brands sell their jewellery at the same price. one way of staying updated on the price by gram is to visit renowned jewellery stores or their websites or you can simply research through other reliable internet sources.

Jewellery cost and making charges

In addition to the gold price you also have to pay for the making charges and remnants (wastage/ leftovers). These costs vary from seller-to-seller and pieces of jewellery. Here’s an intriguing fact- The intricate and detailed workpieces of jewellery possess a higher level of impurity as more alloys are added to make it malleable (given any shape) however, the price may increase not due to the per gram cost but due to the making charges

Return policies

Most top gold jewellers these days promise to buy back gold at the prevailing rate should you choose to go down this route.

Check whether your jeweller is willing to exchange the piece of jewellery and if there is any exchange period. Also, check the kind of designs he is offering in case of a replacement.

Bills/ Receipts

Always insist on a bill that covers all aspects of your jewellery. This is especially important when you have purchased more than Rs. 30,000. This practice will ensure transparency not just between you and the jeweller but you are also contributing towards creating a transparent jewellery industry.

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