From touring the designer boutiques to coordinating with the wedding planner, there are umpteen number of things to be ticked off the list when it comes to organizing a classic big fat Indian wedding. I got a glimpse of it when I called the shots at my best friend’s wedding, only to keep up a promise which I made to her when we were in grade 7.

Oh Lord! What on earth was I thinking?! Planning a fairytale wedding is a hell lot of work! I had so much on my plate that I had to take a month off work to set right the arrangements. And ofcourse, the fact that I was working with my dad, spared me the risk of getting fired. Thanksgiving to the Good Lord!

This was when I thought of starting a blog to help out all you peeps taking up the big task of wedding planning. Based on my experience, I have you covered with the signatures including bridal jewelry, bridal couture and bridal hair and makeup. You can also browse through the various destinations where you can host the wedding.

Bridal Jewelry Designs promises to be your friend indeed to walk you through the aisle. You will find it all here. You can also leave a comment or drop an email if you have any questions regarding any of the categories.

I bet you will feel the burden off your shoulders after going through my blog! Here you go..Lets’ make wedding planning fun..