Bridal Hair And Makeup

Beauty Appointments To Make Before Your Wedding

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Amidst the jewellery shopping, venue finalisation and lehenga hunting, your skin and hair are sure to take a toll. However, that won’t work as you need to look your most beautiful on your wedding day. So, make sure you go through these beauty regimes to be the pretty you on your big day!

  1. Dermatologist

A dermatologist will help you determine the best skincare routine based on your skin type. If you have any major skin issues such as acne or dark circles, your dermatologist can also treat that for you. And if you happen to have an unexpected blemish the day before your wedding then they can be the one you call to zap the zit with a shot of cortisone.


  1. Hair Spa

All those trips for your lehenga and jewellery shopping take a toll on your hair. Call your salon and take an appointment for a spa. Also, ask your consultant if you need any more spa sessions or if your hair needs to undergo any other treatments. Get the spa done a week before the wedding to get the best results.


  1. Hair Stylist

Meet up with the hair stylist to make sure your hairdo for your big day is decided well in advance. You might wanna know whether a bun or a braid or lose hair would be best suited for you. Make sure you go through your trials a few months before the big day. You can also seek the advice of your stylist on the on-going bridal hairstyles and her opinion on what would suit you the most depending on your dresses. You might need more than one hairstyle for mehendi, sangeet, cocktail party, the rasams and the reception.


  1. Hair Colourist:

If you wanna get your hair coloured then you can go for it. Just make sure you get them coloured at least 3-4 months before the wedding. Also, instead of colouring all your hair, you can go for highlights which will add glam to your look. You can also go for hair extensions if you wish to add some more love to your attire but make sure you know what you want – clip-ins, tape or keratin bonds.


  1. Make-up Trial

Make sure you keep a few hours aside for your make-up artist to experiment on different looks. Also, better be specific from the beginning as to whether you want matte or dewy; smoky eyes or bronze eyes so they know you have the details of what you want. Also, ask your make-up artist for suggestions on various looks and colours to get an expert opinion.


  1. Manicure-Pedicure:

Make this visit the day before your functions start to ensure chip-free nails. Also, a gel polish is highly recommended to make your nails look well groomed for those engagement close-ups and statement wedges. You can also go for a regular polish but ensure that you have it on you in case you need any last minute touch ups.


So have you got your diaries out?

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