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Best Bachelorette Destinations Around The World

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Whether it’s you or your best friend who’s getting married, a bachelorette party is one of the most anticipated and fun traditions. It’s usually many many endless exciting conversations with your group of girls deciding the destination and the ‘to-do’ activities. Recommended by the hens party aficionados, we shortlisted for you the best spots to celebrate your last days of singlehood with your girls:

   1. Bali


From lying on the hammock under the starry sky to a rooftop party overlooking the sublime beaches, you can ring in your bachelorette in the lap of luxury right here in Bali. If Bali is on your list then you cannot miss the luxury yacht party experience while sipping on iced champagne and dancing the hell out! You can also indulge water activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and scuba diving if your hens like a hint of adventure.

   2. Prague


Prague has recently become an internationally proclaimed party place for the city’s infamous all-night parties. With globe trotters and party goers flocking from all around the world, this East European city will give you enough touristy options for your days as well as nights spent in the charming old-worldly city. You can party with your hens until the wee hours at the uncountable night clubs in the city. You can also visit the Prague castle, John Lennon Wall and Charles bridge, if you manage to turn in early on any of your lively nights in the city. Huzza!

   3. Las Vegas


Spend your nights gambling and days golfing at this quintessential bachelorette destination. So put on your stilettos and party the night away! Unless you end up on the Hangover Bus, you can also indulge in the buffets the city is known for. Apart from the roulette wheels, the pool cabanas are the new boss. Unless you decide to spend all your cash at the jack table, you can also tour the Grand Canyon on the helicopter and make your dime count!

   4. Thailand


Forget Bangkok, forget Pattaya, because when it comes to a getaway with your girlfriends, Thailand tops the list! The full moon parties at Koh Pha Ngan is what you should be looking at. Without any inhibitions, rejoice in the magic of trance and techno; jugglers and fire eaters, as these white sandy beaches explode into a dancing frenzy in the beautiful moonlight! Have a bachelorette never to forget..or remember!

   5. Hamptons


Soak in the sun all day long with you resting on the hammock and a hat on your head! And when the night arrives…share a cheese plate and wine! You can also stop by the Sloppy Tuna a shake a leg and engage in the local norm of people-watching! You can continue the party in your room with a glass of vodka and ‘Never Have I Ever’, after 10 p.m, the expected winding time. If you wish to give it all a miss, you can also party in the bright sunshine at one of the poolside. This town in Long island is best known for its pool parties over the weekend.

P.S: Don’t forget your video camera for just in case you forget what you did on the trip!

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