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7 Sparkling And Lively Colors Of Bridal Lehengas Which Will Leave You Speechless

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Wedding bells, wedding bells, weddings all the way! Finally, the wedding season approaches for many brides-to-be. Winters are the most preferred time of the year for Indian weddings. Everything about the wedding is captured forever. This makes it even more important for the bride and groom to look their best.

The bride usually goes for a red lehenga since the colour is considered auspicious according to the Hindu traditions. Hindu weddings are incomplete without red lehengas and sarees. But these days, with the changing trends, brides do opt for other vibrant colours such as pink, orange, yellow, etc.

Mentioned below are some vibrant colors for lehengas which will make you look elegant and beautiful:

  • Golden Lehenga – Golden lehengas have become the choice of many these days. Apart from red, golden is also considered a traditional colour in Hindu weddings. Not only does it give an elegant look, but also compliments the jewellery well.golden-lehenga
  • Purple Lehengas – Purple lehengas? Is that even considered a colour for lehengas? Oh yes! It absolutely is! It would undoubtedly be a unique choice of colour for a lehenga but nonetheless, it definitely stands out on the wedding day.















  • White Lehenga – Who said white colored bridal dresses are only opted by Christian brides? Sorry, no stereotypes here! If you’re the kind of woman who likes something simple yet trendy, the white lehenga is for you!


  • Peach Lehenga – Peach Lehengas can just steal all the attention! Give the red lehenga a miss with the feminine peach colour. So all the bubbly and cute brides out there, go grab a peach lehenga and become the next fashionista bride!


  • Printed Lehenga – The printed lehengas have created a new trend this wedding season. If you’re the kind of bride who doesn’t like much embroidery then you can simply opt for these colourful printed lehengas. The different prints and colours give you a vibrant and chic look.


  • Yellow Lehenga – Usually bright colors are preferred for engagement but not for weddings. But weddings are special and so should the lehengas be. Brides who want to ditch that red lehenga and go for a brighter shade can get their hands on the bright yellow colored lehenga. The sunshine colour will definitely stand out and is the perfect color for a daytime wedding. You can also go light on make-up with this lehenga.


Skip the red and go for one these colours!

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