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Best Hair Styles For Indian Brides

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Should I leave my hair open? Should I tie my hair up in a bun? Should I wear a braid? This is what all brides fret over before their wedding. So, to lift the burden off your shoulders, we made a list of the best hairdos for your wedding day. Read away:

1. Curled Bun 


When you think of an ethnic look, you think of a saree clad lady with her hair tied up in a classic bun. The curls in her hair add all the glam to a simple bun, whereas the flowers make her look elegant.

2. Messy Bun


A messy bun is another hairdo best suited for a western wedding. Sleek in the front and messy behind, you can also wear it to a dinner party with a straight fit dress and those strappy stilettos.

3. French Chignon


This Dutch Braided French Chignon is for you if you wanna go all non-traditional in your reception or sangeet. You can also pull out a couple of strands to give it a messy look.

4. Long Floral Braid


All the girls with very long, waist-length hair must try going for a simple braid with a gajra wrapped around the braid. Adding just little puff to the crown area would only make it look a little more stylish.

5. Fishtail Braid


A fishtail braid is a go-to style for a lot of us on most days. Well, here’s a good news! You can now wear it on your wedding to be as comfortable. It’s the best way to wear Jhumka if you go for a side parted fishtail braid.

6. Center Parted Waves


If you wish to show off your long locks then don’t hesitate to leave your hair lose on your wedding day. You could also wave them up and highlight those waves from down to add a glamorous touch to your otherwise straight hair. This is also the best way to wear a maang tikka or a matha patti.

So, have you decided on a hairstyle for the big day?

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