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Bridal Jewelery Guide | Jewelery Must-Haves For Maharashtrian Brides

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Every girl dreams of a perfect wedding since her teenage years. For a perfect wedding, perfect jewellery is a crucial element. Following are 10 traditional jewellery pieces used by every Maharashtrian bride on her wedding day.



Beaded Ambada (Hair Bun) Veni Phool– Ambada is a hair bun that is pinned with Veni Phool which adds elegance to the bride’s facial look.



Chooda– The chooda, commonly worn by Marathi women are green bangles of glass. The bride wears these in both her hands in odd numbers. The green colour symbolizes fertility of the bride.


Mundavalya– Mundavalya is a unisex ornament which is believed to be gifted to the bride and the groom by their respective paternal aunts. It is a dual string of beaded pearls that it tied across the forehead.



Kolhapuri Saaj– The kolhapuri saaj is a long necklace that is as good as a mangalsutra. It has 21 leaves engraved in it that depict 10 avatars of Lord Vishnu, 8 leaves of good fortune, 2 stones of emerald and ruby and the last pendant is tabiz.



Bajubandh– Bajubandh, also referred to as vaaki is an armband which is made of gold. It has stone carved in it and has an elegant design.



Nath– A Nath is a nose ornament which is worn by the bride while performing the puja. This nose pin is made of gold and pearls and has varied designs.



Jodvi– This is a must wear for every bride. It is a silver toe ring which is worn by the bride once the rituals are done. It is given to the bride by her mother-in-law as a welcome in the family.



Kudya – Kudya are pearl earrings with a golden touch. They are most commonly designed like a flower.



Tode – These are golden heavy bangles that are worn between the green bangles with a matching pattern that gives the bride’s hand a complete look.painjan

Painjan – Painjan is silver/golden anklets that are worn by the bride which give her feet an elegant look.

This complete Maharashtrian Bridal Jewellery guide will conveniently help the navri (bride) to have all eyes on her!

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