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9 Bridal Jewelry Essentials You Just Cannot Miss

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Weddings call for everything new. New clothes, new relationships and new beginnings! And while all that may leave you pretty exhilarated, we know you are already perplexed about how things will go about. It’s just a girl thing that even after a million reassurances about everything, you want to ‘confirm’ and ‘make sure’ everything is alright. Although it is completely justifiable, and we won’t term you a maniac for this. Obviously, it is the day you have waited for all your life. It SHOULD be perfect in every way.

So with all this conundrum of getting ‘everything right’, there are quite a lot of things that may elude that overworked mind of yours. Most importantly, those things very evidently hold the potential to dull the sparkle on your wedding day.

And if jewellery is one such concern of yours, which you think you might miss out on, then you’ve got nothing to worry. We’ve got you covered here.

We got you some very essential wedding jewellery picks.

1. The Fancy Nath:

Just to add to your already authentic look, do not ever forget to wear a nath. This piece of nasal jewellery is quintessential in its own way. Earlier, piercings were required to don this look. But not anymore, as naths that can be clipped on your nose are available. Some may resort to the simple studded nath, while some would opt for the one with an elaborate ring. Wherever your preference may lie, you can go for it. Also, just a minor addition of a chain that links your nath to your earring adds that extra bit of glamour.


2. Sweet sound of Anklets:

You add happiness to the home you set your foot in. But to enhance this aspect, you gotta add the bling to your steps. And how do you do that? Anklets! One of the most melodious pieces of jewellery, the anklet is a must. You definitely wouldn’t want to display a pair of barren ankles when you take turns around the Holy Flame, or when that toe-ring is being put on your toe-fingers. If subtle is your way, then you can opt for silver. And if bling is where your heart lies, then gold is just what is made for you. Nonetheless, you need a pair of anklets, no matter what! Its customary. So don’t miss out on these!


3. Maang Tika:

A hindu wedding cannot be complete without the customary ‘Maang Bharai’. And that obviously states that the maang (the partition of hair on a woman’s forehead) is of prime focus here. So why not beautify it! This is where a maang tika comes in. It basically consists of a drop shaped gemstone suspended by a fancy design. The gem and the intricate pendant work are collectively suspended by a chain. It is one of the prettiest pieces of jewellery that enhances the beauty of the bride. Get that splendid look with the essential maang-tika.


4. Wonderous Waistband:

Also known as Kamarband, this is one useful piece of jewellery. So if you fear that your saree won’t stay in its place for long, then this piece of jewel will definitely lift the burden. After all, you need not have even the slightest hint of that worrisome look on your face. The Kamarband has a set of gems embedded on it to make it even more beautiful. All your saree worries are put to rest with a Kamarband.


5. Baju Band:

The basic idea of a Hindu Wedding is to accentuate every inch of visible skin of the bride on the wedding day. And why should the arm be left alone? A baju band is hence used to gild the arm. They may seem to be uncomfortable but they are surprisingly not. They are adjustable and fit as per the size of your arm. But we would also mention that if the blouse of your lehenga is already blingy enough, then we suggest to keep this option aside. Don’t go overboard with the bling.


6. Hand Chains:

While rings adorn your fingers, why let the back of your hand be deprived of the added beautification? A hand-chain or as it is locally called a Haath Phool, is as elegant as jewellery could get. It comprises of rings that are connected with chains and gems embedded on them. Being the rather unorthodox fella among the jewellery fraternity, this will certainly make you stand apart from the usual bridal dressing. An added tip for you: get a floral haath phool design.


7. Neck Pieces:

Well, this kinda goes without saying. Every lady ever involved in your wedding preparations would have to know what neck piece you’re going to wear on your big day. So there is no possible way that you’d miss out on this. But on the other hand, we can suggest which ones to go for. Nowadays, weddings are about being subtle and yet bling-y. What you can opt for is a platinum set with diamonds or any other gemstone of your choice. Always remember, it is one of the signature ornaments. So you have to make your choice count.


8. Earrings:

Just like the neckpiece, this too goes without saying. Earrings are usually a part of everyday dressing. They just can’t be excluded on the wedlock day. For your big day, opt for the Jhumkas. And what better occasion could there be to wear these. Jhumkas go perfectly well with the elaborate occasion and accentuate your beauty to levels anew.


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