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Everything You Need To Know About Cocktail Rings

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Festive season is here and most importantly people would be more interested to buy some trendy jewellery for themselves. Parties, events and occasions will be on a line and guess what will be on demand? The cocktail rings! Yes, these rings won’t only make a fashion statement but will also be trendy for the occasions as well.


Cocktail rings are preferred by most people only for occasions. What are cocktail rings? The cocktail rings are usually carved in unique ways with coloured gemstones so that they look more appealing and attractive.


Cocktail rings have their origin from the early 1920’s in America. During the 1920 revolution, alcohol was banned in America. Underground cocktail parties were organised in order to protest against it. Women flaunted cocktail rings at these parties not only to amp the style quotient but also to gain social advantage. As they gained popularity and became part of the early American culture, artisans started customizing these rings to suit the demands of their customers.


Cocktail rings can be designed using various patterns and textures such as florals, and many more. Find below, various designs of cocktail rings:-

1. Vintage Cocktail Rings – These elegant cocktail rings are inspired by the Victorian Era, giving them a royal touch. They are mostly preferred during weddings.


2. Gemstone Cocktail Rings – Those huge gemstones are not easy to pass! They go well with both western and Indian outfits, making them wearable for all occasions.


3. Designer Cocktail Rings – Designer cocktail rings are found in various designs such as florals, animals, objects and many more. Admired by many, they can add glam to your look.



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