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Fun Wedding Ideas For 2018

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Since your wedding is one of the most important events of your life, you wanna make sure its memorable not only for you, but also your guests. Here are a few out of the box things you can do at your wedding to make your wedding more fun:

      1. A Dessert Trolley.

Having your guests pick desserts off a dessert trolley moving around their dinner tables is the most fun way to serve desserts at your wedding. Cupcakes, pastries, waffles, gulab jamun, kulfis, chocolate paan, mango barfi, pears roasted in caramel, malpuas all moving around on mini trolleys escorted by a waiter would make not only kids but also elders drool over them.


2. A Hangover Kit.

What more to ask than a hangover kit after a fabulous cocktails night which made everyone go out of their senses. You can dump in bottled water, an antacid, a sachet of instant coffee, mint, a puke bag and not to forget a video cam, just in case you were caught doing something stupid!


3. Candy Bags.

Skip the old school wedding favors and let your guests fill a bag full of candies of their choice. A counter full of caramels, mini chocolate bars, rum balls, licorice, sour belts, lollipops, gummy bears and M&Ms are sure to attract more attention than needed.


4. Soul Notes.

Have your guests write a few words for the bride and the groom on small slips of paper. Don’t forget that they can also pick on them. Gather them in a bowl and read them out at your sangeet. This fun game will take your guests by surprise and also have them laughing over family jokes.


5. Serve Alcoholic Otter Pop Shots

Make LIT, vodka and whisky shots in pepsi cola packs. Also add different food colours to these shots. For instance, you can add red, yellow, green, orange to vodka shots and black, dark blue, ebony, dim gray, taupe, charcoal colors to whisky shots. Do bottoms up with colorful pepsi cola shots to get your cocktail party on.


6. Play Karaoke

Do a karaoke session at your sangeet. Let your guests participate in the singing and dancing. No better way to get your guests grooving to the beats. Let all your aunts and uncles sing out loud at this family reunion.


7. Have A Theme Party

Incorporate themes such as the Vampire Theme, Prince And Princess Theme, Floral Theme, to make everyone look their best at your wedding party.


8. Use Sky Lanterns

Have sky lanterns at your venue instead of lights and find yourself staring at a beautiful sky full of lanterns when exchanging vows. Truly a treat to your eyes!


Which of these exciting would you wanna do at your wedding? Let us know in the comment box below.


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