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Everything You Need To Know About Couple Bands

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As the name suggests, ‘Couple Bands’, also referred to as ‘Couple Rings’ are worn by both partners to solidify their relationship. They are classified as symbols of love, affection and bonding. Couple bands are a unique way to show your love for one another. They reflect the feeling of everlasting love.

Couple bands can be given personalized touch by carving names, birthdates or any other special message to the loved ones. They can be the perfect wedding gift or an engagement gift for your partner.

Thinking of what to look for while purchasing matching couple bands?


Matching wedding bands reflect symmetry and symbolize the traditional union of two companions. The couple together then select the design, style, gemstone and composition according to their choices.

How to choose the correct metal for the band?


Every couple is usually confused when it comes to choosing the correct metal for the bands. Though the most common choice for bridal jewellery is yellow gold, nowadays platinum and white gold can also be added to the list of choices. The two partners can also go for different metals but similar carvings.

What are the different designs for couple bands?


The couple can decide whether to opt for a simple design or an elaborate wedding band. There are plenty of designs to choose from but make sure the design you choose complements your personal style. The design can be traditional or contemporary or a mix of both.

Do gemstones on couple bands really matter?


You can have either diamonds or other gemstones on your rings to enhance the beauty of the rings. You can either go for single stone or multiple stones around the rings. You can also choose from the various shapes, sizes and colours.



Most couples prefer engraved bands. You can either engrave a special message, a small phrase or the wedding date – after all, the message says it all.

Keep true to the ideals of love & respect with these bands. Make them your first step on the journey of forever and beyond.

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