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Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

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Gone are the days when a wedding involved only pheras followed by the reception and could be planned in a couple of months. Nowadays, a typical Indian wedding consists of fancy invites, a mehendi function, cocktail party, engagement ceremony, sangeet, the various rasams and the reception. Not to mention, a bachelor’s/bachelorette’s trip to celebrate the last few days of singlehood.

With so much to do and so little time, it can become quite a task for the families to get it all done in time for the big day. And of course, it should definitely be an event to remember, not only for you but also your guests. So why not get some professional help and hire a wedding planner when you’re spending exorbitant amount of money? Besides, these guys really know what they’re doing and are absolutely good at it! 

  1. They will do the hard work:

With a wedding coming up, there’s a lot on the plate with the decor, the guest list, the menu, the venue, the costumes, the jewellery and many other things. Hiring a wedding planner might help take a few things off your hand. Your planner can organize things for you and narrow down the number of choices, making it easy for you to deal with things. You can then, bond with your family and enjoy this important phase of your life.


  1. They can help you cut down costs:

Wedding planners usually have the insider knowledge. They know the best of decorators, caterers, florists in town. They are good at providing the best of vendors at reasonable rates. Also, they can help negotiate better deals, in turn, reducing your budget. They know how to make your dime count!


3. They know how to fix things when they go wrong at that very moment:

Things are bound to go wrong on the big day even if you have planned months in advance and you think that you have made sure that things are in place. For instance, you ordered lily garlands but the florists brings in rose garlands. At such instances, you are bound to need someone to run around to fix things in time. With all family members being busy with something or the other on the wedding day, it’s hard to decide who would take the extra task of fixing things.


  1. You got a pro on your hand:

For an event this important, it’s better to get some professional advice on the decor, the best venues, the theme, the invites, etc. Your planner will also fill you in with the on-going wedding trends in the city which you might not know of.


So have you made up your mind then? You’ll thank us later.

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