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Types Of Rings That Add Glam To Your Outfits

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Rings are an accessory that most people tend to overlook and don’t give much thought to while deciding their attire. They may seem like a small piece of jewelry on your finger but they can really transform your outfit from simple to glamorous. Whether you are going for a cocktail party or deciding your wedding attire, your entire look would be incomplete without a ring. They can be a great accessory for your outfit without much hassle. We have listed out the different types of rings for different outfits so you never go empty-handed.

  1. Statement Rings



A Statement ring can amp up your style quotient when you choose a simple outfit like an everyday dress or a cocktail dress. You could go for a huge gemstone or a uniquely shaped ring like the one above. Statement rings are a great way to stand out, especially in a wedding attire. Show off that trendy piece of jewellery on your finger to grab all the attention at the party.

2. Stackable Rings


Stackable rings can be mixed and matched with your outfit. You can design your ring as you like by shuffling the different rings according to your choice of attire. You can personalise your rings by engraving your name, your husband’s name or your children’s names on different rings. You can also use different textures, but make sure they all compliment each other well and look good when worn together. Stackable rings, given you know the types of rings to combine, are a great way to glam up your wedding attire.

3. Minimalist Rings


Minimalist rings are delicate but look simple and elegant. They are not loud or over-the-top attention grabbers, but they are definitely enough to make an impact. They may have a small gemstone or a unique shape to them which gives them all the power they need to stand out in the crowd. They usually match well with your formal wear or simplistic casual wear. You can also wear them to lunch with clients or friends.

4. Cluster Rings


Cluster rings, or ‘Queen-like’ rings, are classy rings with a touch of royalty. They are named so because of the cluster of diamonds they are embedded with. These rings are usually donned along with your wedding attire or during occasions like engagement parties, etc. You can pick one of these as your engagement ring to make your friends envy you. They are also considered as a social status symbol.


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