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Ultimate Jewellery Guide Summer 2019

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Its 2018 and trendy looks & fashion statements are at an all-time high. People don’t care about the past, only the future, and we’re here to tell you what the future looks like. Last year, the Spring/Summer catalogue of the New York Fashion Week 2018 looked something like this:

Michael Kors Collection

Ralph Lauren Collection

Gabriela Hearst Collection


It is evident that summer fashion trends have been moving slowly towards monochromatic semi-formal clothing which can be donned for a meeting with your clients as well as a house party at your friend’s place. Which begs the question, How does the future look like for jewellery? We have the answer for you. Matching the clothing trends with the jewellery trends, we have come up with the best jewellery options for you to don this summer. Check them out:




Necklaces mainly depend on what kind of neckline you’re wearing. Here are some suggestion based on your summer necklines:


  • Deep – V.

Image result for layered strand necklace


A deep – V neckline calls for necklaces with layered strands attached to a minimalistic pendant. Subtlety is your friend and you don’t want to bling out when not requires. Keep it classy.


  • Tank.

Image result for geometric stone pendant


Single-stranded necklace with a medium-sized geometric gemstone pendant. The glamour of the pendant will overshadow the simplicity of the tank top, leaving people mesmerised.


  • Off-The-Shoulder.

The Classic White Freshwater Single Strand Pearl Necklace-FNVAR004100420049-1


An open neckline gives you plenty of room to experiment with your inventory. Bring out the bling!  Oversized yet elegant jewellery can be helpful. Pearl necklaces also go with it if you’re planning to go to a fundraiser. Or you can always shop around.


  • Collared.

Image result for double strand necklace


Go for a delicate pendant, probably a pearl-studded one, with a subtle double strand. You’ve got to keep it casual.




Earring selection is mostly dependant on your face shape.


  • Round.

Image result for dangle earrings


Wear dangle or drop earrings. These kinds of earrings help your face look long and make it seem slimmer. Avoid round designs, even on a dangle earring. Anything round will accentuate the roundness of your face and you don’t want that.


  • Oval.

Image result for stud earrings


You are lucky! You have been blessed with an oval shape which gives you the freedom to don any kind of earrings. But studs or sharp-shaped earrings will give you the best payoff.


  • Long.

Image result for round earrings


Wear anything that is contradictory to your face shape, i.e. round designs. This helps you to make you look fuller and widen your face a bit. Hoops, studs or clustered earrings are your friends.


  • Square.

Image result for oval hoop earring


Women with a square face need something to lighten the sharp structure of their face. Do this by wearing earrings that are long but with round edges. Oval hoop shapes work very well in this scenario. Stay away from square shapes as it will only build upon the squareness.


  • Heart.

Image result for chandelier earring


Counteract your sharp chin with a teardrop or a chandelier earring. The general idea is to fill the bottom portion of the face to counter the thinness and vice versa. That way your face is much more balanced.


  • Triangle.

Image result for teardrop earrings


If you have a pointy chin, it is similar to having a heart-shaped face. You need to de-emphasize the wideness of the forehead. It requires the similar logic as that used in heart-shaped faces. Chandelier or teardrop earrings will go very well for you.


These are some of the essential pointers that you must keep in mind while deciding what to wear. No matter what the occasion, you will definitely look your best and dazzle your peers with your amazing choice of jewellery. Now you better go shopping!

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