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Chic Colours for Winter Weddings

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Winter weddings are the most magical. Well, since it is that time of the year it is the best! When we think winter, we think long nights with twinkling stars. Icy snowfall, and new beginnings! Now, to keep up the spirit of this season especially during a wedding certain things are to be kept in mind which we will learn from what follows.   

The colour schemes such as monochromes, metallic shades and statement colours are cliche. Here we inspire you to think out of the box and bring about a royal feel to the winter wedding.


  • Dark rose, rust, and Indigo

This colour scheme is inspired by the colour tones maneuvred by the Italian artist, Piero Della Francesca in the 15th century. These colours bring out an antique feel to it but coupled with the modern finesse due to the metallic polish available presently.

Think of incorporating gowns with beads, leather, brocade fabrics or velvets. Vintage or antique jewellery is with rustic colours are a perfect match to go with these.

dark-rose-dress    rust-dark-rose-indigo-jewellery

  • Whites

You have to take note of this! Whites have to be paired with other contrasting colours, is a MISCONCEPTION that has been lurking around always! Try going with the different hues of white and pair it up with diamond jewellery.  

white-gown   white-heels

  • Frosty-pastels

These colours are pretty and feminine. Try including these colours in the bridesmaid’s gowns. You can also try merging dark and soft tones such as mauve and periwinkle pinks. Mint blues and sherbet oranges or extremely popular and also gives a very artistic finish.


  • Combination of reds and pinks

Aspire to be a winter berry this season! Take inspiration from the colours that this season offers naturally! Make sure you don’t go overboard with the deep colours and make it appear darker. This will evoke the holiday season instead of the wedding season! Keep in mind that you focus on the brighter colours instead of prominent ones. The pink gives a subtle cut to the edgy and bold red.

red-and-pink-gown   red-and-pink-shoes

  • Neutrals

Neutrals include tans, nudes, and greys. You can also try blending them together for an unexpected yet satisfying combination. Satins can be added in the form of ribbons in the outfit, purse or shoes. Diamond, rose gold, or white gold jewellery is perfect to complete the look.

nude-dress  gray-purse

  • Shimmering bight

This choice of colour is a blend of silvers, royal blues, and celestial shaped jewellery.  Get inspiration from the lovely evening dark blue sky with beautiful shimmery stars, and be one underneath it! Diamond jewellery in shapes of stars and other celestial bodies

shimmering-winter-dress  shimmering-winter-purse  magical-jewellery

  • Green and Gold

This combination is hands down, a winter classic. It is foolproof, royal and extremely elegant. It can match with floral designs and lace and will have you dazzling all night. Add beautiful gold earrings to or a clutch to the outfit and you are ready to go!

green-gold-combination  gold-jewellery-green-combination  gold-purse

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