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An Expert’s Guide to Buying Signed Jewellery

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  • What is signed jewellery?


Signed jewellery is jewellery that is engraved with the name of the jewellery maker or the brand.


  • Is signed jewellery more valuable?


Typically yes. Especially if the signature belongs to top jewellery brands it can add up to 300 per cent value to it.


  • Which jewellery signatures hold more value?


Signed jewellery of Cartier, Tiffany and Tacori are a few names. Signature jewellery of these brands can revolutionize its value because of its nature of representing elevated grades and standards.


  • How to identify authentic signatures?


Firstly it is very important to learn the way certain jewellery houses sign pieces of jewellery. For eg., earlier Cartier would draw a vague line before engraving their name on the piece. To identify such marks and indentations a jeweller’s loupe (10x magnification) could be of great help. Also, recognise the lustre and vividness of the signature. Make sure it matches the age of the jewellery piece and the initials haven’t evaded as after a period of time the signature may rub off.


  • List of popular signed jewellery



  1. Tiffany & Co



  1. Cartier


  1. Bvlgari


  1. Buccellati


  1. Piaget


  1. Tacori


  1. Harry Winston

harry- winston

  1. Graff



  • What else is to be considered?


An important pointer is that no jewellery must be embellished just for glamour effects. Adding extra embellishments can diminish the value and the originality of the jewellery piece.


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