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What Is The Difference Between Polki And Kundan Jewelry?

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Kundan and Polki have been a part of Indian culture for a long time. They were noticed first during the Mughal period, where Kings and Queens of the empire used to pay a large amount for these jewelry pieces. That is the reason why Kundan and Polki are considered as royalty. Kundan and Polki both are formed by a process known as Jadau, where gold is beaten into strips and shaped into cups to hold the stone, after which the individual pieces are soldered together.



Kundan and Polki can be categorized under Jadau, the technique used to create them both. The Jadau technique is a long and intricate one, requiring multiple expert craftsmen having multiple jobs. Where one makes the gold shells, the other adds the gemstones and another seals and solders them together. It is a very long and arduous procedure, due to which both the styles of jewelry are relatively costlier. But before we dive into the price comparison, let us see what Kundan and Polki actually are.


What is Kundan?




Kundan is gold in its purest form. Pure 24K gold is used to to make the frame of the jewelry sets, hence the name kundan. After the frame is made, gemstones like emeralds, rubies, etc. are attached to it. The back of the piece is enameled by a process known as Meenakari.


What is Polki?




Polki means diamonds in their purest form. These diamonds are uncut, untreated and raw. This makes them extremely valuable and super costly. Polki jewelry is made in the same way as Kundan except for the fact that instead of gemstones, Polki uses these raw, uncut diamonds, hence the name. These are pure diamonds which makes Polki much costlier than Kundan jewelry.


Polki is costlier than Kundan since it used pure diamonds instead of semi-pure gemstones. It is important to know that equal amounts of work is done to make a single piece of either one of them and the only difference between them is the gemstone they behold and their price because of it. People can get confused between the two pretty easily since uncut diamonds are not very clean. But these diamonds are still shinier than any gemstone used in Kundan pieces. It is still important to know that the diamonds are genuine or not. After all, you’re paying a heavy price for it.


These are the differences between Kundan and Polki jewelry. Now you are ready to get yourself a brand new jewelry set for your next occasion!

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