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Ultimate Jewellery Guide- Winter

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Winter 2018 is what we are really excited about! This season we have bought you some really useful tips and suggestions that you are bound to use. The interesting part is the extremism in the diversity of style all for the same season! (and reason!)

So what should you wear this winter in terms of daily wear and occasions apart from weddings?

  • Go for a ┬ásimple pendant or studded chains instead of chokers because, during winter, women opt to wear turtle or polo neck sweaters and scarves etc to protect themselves from the cold.
  • These chains can also be worn over high collars. They can enhance the attire also maintaining elegance and sophistication.
  • Avoid wearing statement bangles and bracelets because winter wear is usually long sleeved. This may cause the accessories to entangle and may also mismatch the outfit.
  • In winter, women prefer to leave their hair open which gives them the advantage of wearing the boldest or delicate over the top studded hairpins and other hair accessories to go with their outfit.

Weddings during winter are preferred in India. And so during the winter wedding season, all you have to do is break the above rules!

  • Tom Ford’s recent fashion show of winter wear included statement jewellery that is enormous galvanic and ultimate.
  • Huge chandelier earrings and diamond hoops and other such earrings are popular this winter.
  • These fashion trends will definitely compliment western outfits such as gowns and other dresses.
  • Include these styles in your beautiful Indian wedding attire and go wild creating your own Indo-western look!

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